Town Centre Health Check

About the Town Centre Health Check

The Healthcheck process gives you a unique opportunity to make objective judgements about how your town is working to attract the public.

The overall Healthcheck comprises a number of subject modules or checklists to help make the Healthcheck assessment as simple and quick as possible, so that when you come together with your fellow Town Centre stakeholders you will have a good grasp of the issues facing your town, its strengths and weaknesses to be prioritised... The modules work with a simple scoring mechanism designed to make your judgements more objective than merely 'good' or 'bad'.

The results that you produce with your colleagues should become a part of your agenda for discussion and will help determine and prioritise action and inform a Business Plan for the centre

In a wider context the information collected will form a useful database to help measure the impact that town centre management is making, both locally and nationally. In addition it will help measure progress year on year and compare strengths and weaknesses with other towns. So please keep your results as you will almost certainly want to compare results year on year.